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Karina was born in Poland and after many years of travel she decided to live in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany.

She has worked in and around the fashion industry for fourteen years.

As a well-rounded professional, she has learnt much about diversity, world cultures, work ethic and people. Traveling also gave her a sense of freedom, adventure and independence.

At the time Karina spent two years in China. The experience helped her tremendously in viewing the world with different lens of openness and respect yet connected her natural yearning for deep knowledge and intellectual stimulation.

Karina is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and the art of photography came to her very naturally as it has been her passion for years.

She is a Founder of “Woodland Girls”, and a lifestyle Storyteller. Karina loves medium film format and she defines Fine Art by mixing modernity with tradition.

She is mostly engaged in Art & Motion, applying it to commercial and editorial projects.

Karina speaks German, English, Polish and is available for travel worldwide.