Hana Holdener

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We are floral and wedding designers based in Bratislava but have worked in Prague, Budapest, Vienna and many places in between. We would be excited to venture with you into new locations in Europe and worldwide.

We are are very passionate about all things beautiful. Our style can be described as a combination of effortlessly elegant, naturally beautiful and romantic, paired with lush blooms and carefully crafted details.  Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and our timeless creations are reflective of our love for the natural textures, tones and materials. 

As your wedding designer our role is to design and execute the visual aspects of your wedding, by putting together your sense of style, interests, and personality and our experience and distinct eye for beauty.

We will work with you very closely to develop a visually stunning and unique design which we then turn into a reality whilst you play a perfect host and enjoy every moment of your big day. Together, we will create a beautiful and unforgettable occasion, filled with lasting memories.