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Lynzie Hazan

Fine Art Photography (Film and Digital Hybrid)
Videography (including drone)





Primary Markets

Chicago USA
Los Angeles USA
Paris France
Tuscany Italy
Willing to travel worldwide




I grew up with a British father and Brazilian mother and travel was in my veins since I was a small child. My passion for photography was a natural progression as a means of documenting the beautiful places and cultures I traveled to. I received my first film camera at age 4 and soon joined my father in the film lab where I watched fascinated as he developed film negatives.

Despite my early introduction to travel and film photography, my path to becoming a professional photographer was an indirect one. I attended UCLA and received a dual degree in Political Science and Fine Arts. I then attended Northwestern Law School and practiced as an international corporate lawyer at some of the most prestigious firms in the world, including stints in Brazil, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Throughout this time, I couldn’t shake my love for photography and never gave up the hobby. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that life was too short to not spend it doing what you love and in 2012, I left my attorney job and Bonphotage Photography & Videography was born.


I never take lightly the incredibly humbling role which my clients entrust me to. It is my job to not only document once-in-a-lifetime moments and emotions but to do so in an artful and romantic manner. My favorite is gallery delivery day when my clients and their families are able to relive the sentiment they felt on the wedding day! Gallery delivery day often results in joyful, tearful calls of thanks and this is the most rewarding feeling in the world!