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Hey there and welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

If I have to describe myself using those fancy “marketing” terms, I’d have to say that I’m an internationally published wedding photographer for sophisticated couples with taste for minimalist design and passion for traveling. But instead I will tell you that I’m a photographer with passion, hustle and devotion for wedding photography. I do love what I’m doing, but on your wedding day it is all about you and your loved one. I respect your vibe and I believe that every couple is different.

But let me tell you a bit more about me.


I have a master’s degree in History but I’ve never worked in that field. Instead, I was fascinated by the „magic“ of the graphic design, typography and composition. For more than 10 years I was a graphic designer and art director. That would have remained my primary job if at the end of 2009 I hadn’t started my design blog – “79 ideas” and then fell in love with styling and photography. I worked for many European magazines as a creative director and stylist, but my love for photography is what inspires me the most.

I love to shoot both on analogue film (yeah, the old school film rolls) and digital. The images that you will see here are primarily shot on film because I love the colors and the dreamy look.



I love traveling and European History.
I love Bach and the Dutch Masters.
My wardrobe is always monochrome.
I love interior design, styling and architecture.
I am a proud bulldog mom. (His name is Fuji)
I love the nature.
I love simplicity and minimalist design.
I am a dreamer and I have a million ideas per minute.
I love film and all those old analog cameras.
I love learning new things.
I work on being grateful every day of my life.
I love Pinterest and making inspirational mood boards.

Thank you for reading all the way until the end and let’s create something beautiful together.